Best Price Guarantee

At Dead On Construction, we work hard to earn you business and make it our responsibility to provide a quality product at an affordable price. We will beat ANY price By $25 or more Guaranteed. Simply preset the bid you received when you were quoted a price for your job and we'll do the rest. It must include the company logo and / or be a verifiable bid we can confirm.

To Go Along with our Best Price Guarantee, Dead On Is a company built by two US Marine and Army Veterans who was raised to respect our Elders and our Military. Here at Dead On we offer Senior Citizens and Military discount to show respect and appreciation for all your dedication and hard work.

Below is a list of Our CURRENT SPECIALS. These specials can be combined when doing multiple projects, so the more work you have for us, the bigger the discount. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE today, and be sure to ask about out our discounts!